Blessed with natural beauty, “Rewa“, situated on the north-western side of Madhya Pradesh was home to Mohan – the world renowned white tiger. The lineage of the rare White Tigers in India grew, thanks to the soothing climate and abundant greenery.

The town is surrounded  dizzyingly high yet beautiful waterfalls like Keoti, Purva and Bahuti to name a few. Along with these, Rewa has kept protected our glorious history in the form of ancient monuments and carvings, like the 35 ft. reclining Bhairav Baba statue.

The white tigers, centuries old Buddhist stupas  and the serene nature, Rewa promises to offer a rare spectacle; that takes you back to the thrilling moments of childhood, full of tales of Knights, and Their steeds.


Best Places to Visit

This beautiful waterfall is unarguably the most famous tourist spot of entire Rewa

District. Its fame is reflection of how actually breathtaking the waterfall is,  In fact to tell you more Keoti waterfall is amongst the highest and also beautiful waterfalls of India. And this is why everyday thousands of tourists not just from Rewa District alone but also from far across Madhya Pradesh state and also neighboring states flock here.

To put it in other words, visit to Keoti Falls is like perfect retreat to nature, where nature shines and breathes itself to offer much needed inner peace and solace to all its visitors. This immensely famous waterfall is located just 24 kms away from main city of Rewa city. Commuting options like auto rickshaws are easily available from Rewa Railway Station and all other important parts of the city.

Chachai Water Fall may be little less popular than Keoti Falls, but actually it is no less beautiful and breathtaking than Keoti. And obviously here too ever green nature has found perfect shelter for itself, and as is expected tourists and visitors are simply enchanted by beauty of its surrounding nature. The only flip side is that it is located far away from main city of Rewa .The nearest

town to this immensely famous waterfall is Semaria town, which is located little far away from Rewa city. But fortunately Semaria does have railway station and few passenger trains do halt here.

And what’s even better, Chachai Falls is located just 10 kms away from Semaria Railway Station. A visit to Chachai Falls, no matter how far you’re coming from, is simply worth it. You’ll know how much worth it is when stunning visuals of water fall and surrounding greenery will leave you completely mesmerized.

This is another beautiful waterfalls of Rewa. Located amidst jungle it is hard to approach when compared to other waterfalls of the region. If you too as a tourist choose to overlook the distance, then you’ll stand chance of witnessing one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh state.

This historical palace seamlessly brings together aesthetics of architecture and golden history of Rewa. But actually palace’s overwhelmingly beautiful architecture clearly takes precedence over its rich history, as mesmerizing effect of its architecture can be felt in every part of this grand palace. One such glaring architectural effect can be felt right at the entrance of the palace, where huge idols of god Shiva and goddesses Parvati have been erected. Besides enormity of their size, idols are also immensely beautiful. Another salient feature of its architecture is secret tunnel which was exclusively used by kings and his close associates, but unfortunately this secret tunnel is not open to public all round the year.

Now about famous historical places of Rewa – as we’d told in introductory paragraph itself that besides nature Rewa’s other specialty happens to be its historical places. And the first in our list is immensely famous Govindgarh Palace. Located just 13 kms away from main city of Rewa, this grand palace was once residence of Maharaja of Rewa. From 1882 (year on which this palace was constructed) all ruling Maharaja’s of Rewa and their families stayed here. Today this palace has been turned into very fine museum, housing all the personal possessions of Rewa’s yesteryear royal families. Today cost of some of the personal possessions that is still housed in this palace run in millions. And before we rap up we’d like to bring to light very important information about this palace. This palace was probably first place in entire world to house a white tiger. The white tiger was caught in 1952 by maharaja of Rewa in one of the nearby jungles. Some of the skulls of this famous white tiger are still present in this palace.

Another one of the fine historical places of Rewa District. Although not as popular as Govindgarh Palace, but it is still worth a visit. This historical fort too has been turned into museum, just like Govindgarh Palace.

Hence it obviously houses many priceless antique items that today stand as testimony of Rewa’s rich history. One interesting fact, which actually is also one of the USP’s of this palace, is that producers of famous Bollywood film Ashoka had rented many antique items from this palace during shooting of the film. Today those antique items are very much part of museum’s exhibition and are obviously its primary attraction.

Located near small town of Gurh, some 30 kms away from capital city of Rewa, is statue of Bhairav Baba. Although named as Bhairav Baba, this statue is actually dedicated to Lord Shiva. Why and how this statue was named was Bhairav Baba is still not known. But coming back to statue itself, then it is no ordinary statue by any means. This is 35 feet long statue sculpted from single rock and more importantly it is not standing in a vertical position but lying in sleeping position (horizontal position). Over all, the aesthetic feel that this huge statue lends is beyond words. It is only when you’ll experience this statue with your own naked eyes that you’ll appreciate what great work of art this statue is. In other words, Bhairav Baba statue is one of the must see attractions of Rewa.

Pili Kothi is situated in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. The kothi was constructed by Dhiraj Bandhvesh Sir Gulab Singh. The place is considered as one of the most visited tourist spots of Rewa. The best time to visit the place is during the months of February and March as at that time the weather remains cool.

The place is maintained by the municipal authorities of Rewa, and there is tight security all the time outside the Pili Kothi. The place has a great historical value as the Maharaja of Rewa built the Kothi as a memoir. There are many who consider the place as a renowned hangout spot. There is an ancient myth that is associated with the place. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Madhya Pradesh, this place is considered to be the second largest tours and travel attraction spot in the entire Rewa region as hundreds of visitors visit the place throughout the year.

Keonti Waterfalls is located at Lalgaon at a distance of 40 km from the main city of Rewa. The waterfalls is considered as the 24th highest waterfalls in the entire India. The falls has a rich scenic beauty that attracts a lot of tourists all through the year.

The main source of water for the falls is the Mahana River, which is considered as an important tributary of the Tamsa River. The falls has a height of 98 meters. It is true that the falls is considered as a segmented type of a waterfall with a single drop. The falls is one of the finest examples of a nick point that is caused by the rejuvenation. There are many locals who consider the place to be sacred and they perform rituals on the edge of the waterfalls every morning. The water is needed for irrigation and agricultural purposes and it is even used as drinking water.

Rani Talab is one of the oldest water wells situated in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the holiest water bodies in the entire district, and there is a huge craze among the people to visit the place during auspicious occasions. It is a very well connected well; and is used to solve many purposes of irrigation.

The talab is situated on the southern part of the city of Rewa. Cultivation, irrigation and fisheries are the important things that are done by the holy water of the well. The well has a temple near it and the deity there is Goddess Kali. The Goddess is considered to be very powerful by the locals as they do believe that everyone gets their wishes fulfilled after visiting the deity. Every year during the Diwali a grand Puja takes place in the temple premises as the day just before the Diwali is considered to be Kali Puja.

The City Museum is one of the most traditional museums of the entire Rewa district in the princely State of Madhya Pradesh. It is true that the museum has one of the largest collections of antiques and was built in the memory of the Maharaja of Rewa.

A lot of history is associated with the Rewa region and one who visits the city museum, catches a glimpse of all the histories under one roof. There is an also an art gallery that is present in the city museum and is maintained by the authorities of the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Once a great robbery took place in the city region, and this is the reason why the security is so tight inside the museum. The antiques in the museum were used in the Hindi film Asoka in the year 2000, and from that day the museum became famous all through the country.

Baghghael Museum is considered as one of the oldest museums of the town of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. The museum has a great historical value and at present is maintained by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The museum is situated inside the Govindgarh Palace of Rewa and has some of the most interesting documents that represent the culture and origins of Rewa.

The museum has the white Tiger Mohan who was killed by the Maharaja of Rewa in the nearby jungles. The museum has the stuffed white tiger as mentioned earlier with some of the historic belongings of the King of Rewa. The museum is very well maintained by the authorities and the public is allowed to visit the place only during a limited time period. There are proper security arrangements that are made by the authority. This is to avoid any kind of robbery as the place has some antiques.

Best Time to Visit

Falling under Madhya Pradesh, Rewa remains hot during most of the time of the year. Thus, it is advised for you to visit this historical site during winters when you would be able to roam around and appreciate this beautiful historic city.

  • Winters (October-March): October to March is the best time to visit Rewa as the days remain cool as well as sunny to take a stroll around. This is the peak season to visit Rewa, so expect high hotel prices.

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